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For the third year in a row, NONWHITEWORKS has supported King County with the Untold Story Project, a storybank of on-the-job experiences of racial discrimination used for internal training purposes. The UNTOLD STORY PROJECT is funded by Solid Waste and Wastewater Treatment divisions of the King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks.

Social Distancing/Going With the Flow

With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting global communities, the project team had to quickly adapt what had previously been a series of in-person events into a framework allowing for safe social distancing. The team, led by NONWHITEWORKS collaborated with 24 local creatives and the Jack Straw Cultural Center to create audio adaptations of each new story. All 21 voice-actors who performed these testimonies to experiences of racism, identify as non-white and are currently engaged with community. 

In addition to sourcing talent and support for the project, NONWHITEWORKS successfully advocated and arranged for each participating voice actor to receive radio-quality audio recording equipment to use and keep for their own future endeavors. Read more

Jack Straw Cultural Center

a KING COUNTY initiative

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So much gratitude to the voice actors who really made this 2020 version of the UNTOLD STORY PROJECT not just possible but wonderful!


Voice Actors: Roger Fernandes, Janae Johnson, Carolyn Hitt, Quenton Baker, Fern Renville, Tricia Diamond, Omari Taylor, Ebo Barton, Trenesia Wilson, Melody Murray, Dewa Dorje, Alex Reed, Yolanda Suarez, Monisa Brown, Aviona Rodriguez-Brown, Shereen Morse, Kristine Ota, Sharon Nyree Williams, Kilam Tel Aviv, Naa Akua, and Jamaar Smiley.


And special thanks to Ayesha Ubayatilaka (and Jack Straw Cultural Center) our amazing sound engineer who diligently mastered all the files for this project, Philip Nii Okaidja Randolph, the project photographer whose work accompanies each finished story, Jekeva Phillips, performance director, and Jennifer Moore, the project musician whose original theme music accompanies each narrative.

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