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Racism & The Media

Who needs to hear your story?

  • Strategic Communications

  • Equity & Anti-Racism Training 

  • Social Media Voice & Branding

  • Multimedia Storytelling

  • Research, Analytics, & Mapping

  • Community & Team Building

  • Targeted Outreach & Recruitment

  • Resource Sharing

NONWHITEWORKS sees our clients as collaborators. How can we help you articulate your goals and values, build community, activate your networks, and facilitate dynamic conversations?

NONWHITEWORKS supports client-collaborators with finding your audience, sharpening your message, and connecting with community influencers who can amplify dialogues.

Your network is a valuable asset. 

Whether you need to pare down your message into easily consumable tweets, pitch your story to print or digital publications, orient and/or train staff, or keep up with digital trends, NONWHITEWORKS has your back!

Building Community
Rocketship Red


Arbor Heights Elementary School (Seattle)

My name is Rocketship Red.
My mother's name is Book Red.
My sister's name is Computer Red.

You can recognize us by our red rhyming names. 

I come from a people known for playing video games
& sleeping in. Remember me. -student, age 6

It is exceedingly rare for recognized art institutions or publications to feature the work of children as young as 5 and 6 years old. This kind of recognition and validation for young artists, writers, and thinkers like your children, can go a long way to inspire a lifelong commitment to being creative and innovative. It's also a great chance to see the kind of brilliance that comes from children when they are taken seriously. This project was a pilot for a school-wide Red Lineage project in April (National Poetry Month) of 2018.

Facebook Community Resources

  • Facebook

SPoCS | Seattle People of Color Salon

FOCS | Families of Color Seattle

SREF | Seattle's Racial Equity Forum

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